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Enchanting Weddings 

If are looking to arrange something totally different from the norm and infinitely memorable for your wedding reception, we are pleased to say you need look no further as what we have is an exclusive, totally unique and extraordinarily beautiful wedding and gothic venue within about a mile of the river Thames, in Southwark, London.


We pride ourselves on attention to detail, hosting classy as well as being cost effective but overall gobsmackingly enchanting weddings and we would be delighted to welcome you for a site visit and/or come to one of our public shows and witness the whole thing first hand. whole thing first hand. Plus we are more than happy to guide you on state-of-the-art photographers, amazing cake specialists and many other suppliers at very reasonable prices.

Until recently we didn’t offer to accommodate the ceremony but now we can offer the venue for this as well as for your reception with one of our highly experienced wedding celebrants.

Regarding menus, our fantastic in-house chef can prepare pretty much anything you desire, depending on which package you chose.

We have kept our exact location secret for two decades but of course disclose it on booking or when anyone wants to visit us. We are within 3 mins walk from a Zone 1 tube with loads of free parking on weekends and after 6.30pm in the week. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if we can assist in any way at all


Click the PDF button to view our wedding brochure

Contained in the PDF are guidelines for a fantastic wedding in a remarkable romantic, gothic setting. It would be impossible to outline every service and experience available in a few short paragraphs, or to express in generalised terms the unique, magical atmosphere that is the hallmark of special events in our venue.


There is so much more to it than any ‘list’ is able to convey in this once-in-a-lifetime, incredible, immersive experience! 

'We are happy to pass on contact details of very happy previous customers'

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Katy Perry with simon and Abby Drake at The House of Magic
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