White Wine & Champagnes

Pinot Grigio, San Giorgio 175ml glass: £5.00 Bottle: £20.00

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc 175ml glass: £6.00 Bottle: £24.00

Canti Prosecco 175ml glass: £6.00 Bottle: £24.00

De Telmont Grande Reserve Champagne Bottle: £49.50

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bottle: £98.50

Red & Rose Wine

Aspen Estate Shiraz Cabernet 175ml glass: £5.00 Bottle: £20.00

Jacob’s Creek Rose 175ml glass: £5.00 Bottle: £20.00

Châteauneuf du Pape (Cellier des Princes) 175ml glass: £7.00 Bottle: £30.00



Spirit with a mixer: Absolut Vodka, Gordon’s Gin Single: £5.00

Jack Daniels, Bells Whisky, Bacardi, Brandy Double: £8.00

Spirit with no mixer Single: £4.00 Double: £7.00

Vodka and Red Bull Single: £6.50 Double: £9.50


Soft Drinks

Red Bull Can £3.50

Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice,

Sparkling Mineral Water, Tonic Water,

Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade 200ml Glass: £2.50

​Small (500ml) Bottle Natural Mineral Water £3.00

​Hildon Delightfully Still Natural Mineral Water 750ml bottle £5.00

Hildon Gently Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 750ml bottle £5.00​


Beer and Cider

Bottled Beer: Peroni, Asahi or San Miguel £5.00  

Bulmers Pear & Original Cider £6.00


Drink Tokens:

Although we run a cash and card bar our token system has proved to be a great way of being able to offer your guests in larger groups free drinks.


1. £5.00 token which buys one beer, a glass of house wine or any spirit and a mixer

2. A soft drink token at £2.50

3. £5.00 token along with a £1 token buys a glass of premium white wine or a glass of Prosecco. Add another £1 token for our premium red wine.

4. An upgrade token priced at £1.00 which can be used to add together for bottles of wine etc.

Although it varies, as a guideline clients often offer their guests between 4 and 10 of each type per head but if you prefer to keep it simple many guests just get the £5 tokens as we can give ‘change’ in token form for most drinks.

A few tokens can be ‘topped up’ on the night by credit card or cash but the bulk must be purchase in advance. Our friendly door supervisor will give them to a designated person on arrival.

Sorry - we no longer run tabs. ​

Unused tokens are refundable up to 4 days after the event date as long as they are all returned together. Minimum refund value is £40. If you only have a very few left they can be used on any future event or even left for staff tips if you feel so inclined, other than that we have no service charges, add-ons, hidden costs or extra charges at all. Subject to our T&Cs.


Wine selections are subject to our suppliers and may be subject to change